Sunday, April 25, 2010


With the Technical support of Manamohan memorial institute , pranidhipurna mahabihar , Taiwan Health corps, FGS education and cultural central Delhi India , BLIA YAD Delhi, India is jointly organizing free Medical Camp with a team of 22 Doctors, nurses, and Volunteers from Taiwan. The free camp is locally organized by Esperanto Clubo de katmando.

This camp will provide free Medical service about Teeth, female disease, bones, general disease and children diseases. It will also provide free medicines to the local people . This program is targetted for bringing awareness among local people about their health .

The program will take place in five different places of Nepal . The programme is scheduled as below:

22nd April 2010 - Pranidhipurna mahabihar, balambu
23rd April - Karma lekshy ling Institute , Sitapaila
24th April - pranidhipurna mahabihar, balambu
25th April - Jitapur Gandhakuti Vihar, Khokana
26th April - Weluram Vihar, Thecho
27th April - Buddhobhumi, Tokha

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